The Book Detective: Opening Post

11:36 AM

  This meme is called The Book Detective. It's a meme to post books that we have read and would recommend to others under the categories provided each week. For example: contemporary, bad boys, forbidden romance, etc. This is a way for us to share our favorites, recommend it, and also for us to find our next favorite reads under the categories we like. I will post every Thursdays and a linky will be posted each week. The future topics will be found in this post too. WARNING: most would be romance. :)

The topic for today is your favorite SUMMER READ :)

  My favorite summer read is The Summer I Turned Pretty series. It takes place in a beach, where love blossoms. 
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Feel free to suggest topics! 


5/02:  Summer Read
5/09:  Mythology
6/27:  Love Triangle
7:04:  Dystopian
7/11:  Royal Reads/ Princesses
7/18:  Road Trip
7/25:  Forbidden Romance/Teacher-Student
8/01:  Travel/ Wanderlust
6/27:  Troubled Characters
7/04:  Dual POVs
7/11:   Book to Movie (thanks Elle!)
7/18:  Fairytale Retelling
7/25:  Boarding School/ School Setting
8/01:  Short/ Light Read
8/08:  Heartbreaking/ Made You Cry
8/15:  Boy/ Girl Next Door (neighbors)
8/22:  Male POV/ Male Protagonist
8/29:  Swoon Worthy
9/05:  Rags to Riches (thanks Elle!)
9/12:  Companion Books (thanks Courtney!)

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5 thoughts

  1. I love this feature, what a great idea!

    Some suggestions, favorite:
    -Love Triangle
    -Fairytale Retelling
    -Rags to Riches tale
    -Story of Revenge
    -Book to Movie adaption
    -Strong Female Lead
    -Plot Line twist
    -Controlling/Possesive Male Lead

    Just to name a few :P
    Love your blog, Old follower via GFC

    1. Thanks for these suggestions, Elle, they're great! I've already thought of some of these, but mostly they're new to me. I'll be sure to put them up and mention you. Thanks agajn!:)

  2. Loving this meme already!

    I haven't read the Summer series, but it looks like it could be a fun beach/cottage read.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Also, a few future ideas:

    - science fiction
    - prophecies

    ANd I love all of Elle's suggestions above, especially LGBT, rags to riches, and revenge

    I'll come back if I can think of any more

    1. - "mature" YA
      - Companion series to an already existing book/series (so not a sequel, but a book/series written in the same world as another the author has created, but with different protagonists. examples: Fire and Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore, Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa)


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